Festivals & Tours

Birding festival

Wintering Bald Eagles on Arkansas's larger lakes and rivers are celebrated with lake tours at several state parks. At Bull Shoals-White River State Park, such birding tours are a feature of the park's birding festival, Eagle Awareness Weekend, held annually on the second weekend of January. In addition to the birding tours, these bird-watching weekends feature guided bird walks, guest speakers and live bird demonstrations.

DeGray Lake Resort State Park near Arkadelphia, hosts its Eagles Et Cetera Festival annually on the last weekend in January. Lake tours, guided bird walks, owl prowls and demonstrations with live raptors are among the highlights of this birding festival.

Devil's Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas hosts bird-watching weekends on the first full weekend of each May, which is generally when the spring migration peaks in Arkansas. Weekend activities for this birding festival include guided hikes and bird-related interpretive programming. The park is also home to a large vulture roost and each February offers a weekend that includes vulture viewing and related programs.

The Ozark Birders' Springtime Retreat, held the second weekend in May at Bull Shoals-White River State Park, offers activities for beginning and advanced birders. Guided walks, basic birding clinics and lake and river tours are conducted during this birding festival.

Bird Watching Weekends and Tours

Bird-watching weekends

The Arkansas State Parks and private concerns offer guided lake tours to view Bald Eagles. Such tours generally produce sightings of waterfowl and other birds in Arkansas. More information on those tours is available by typing in the keyword "Eagle" to search the state's tourism calendar of events.