Arkansas Geocaching

The Natural State is a Geocache Hotspot

Geocaching is a fast-growing hobby with enthusiasts around the globe. It combines technology with nature to produce an exciting new form of entertainment for those who like to be adventurous in their leisure time. In this modern-day treasure hunt, caches are hidden all over the world by individuals or groups. The location of each geocache is marked with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates which are shared via the Internet or an app. Enthusiasts use a hand-held GPS unit to hunt for the caches. Each hunt and the terrain around it varies in difficulty. Some geocaches contain only log books in small tins or film canisters, while others hold mini treasures inside containers such as ammo boxes. Standard geocaching protocol is to leave something if you take something.

The rewards for finding the geocache are much more than the material goods found inside. There's the satisfaction of an accomplished geocaching adventure as well as the joy of experiencing the locale. Geocaching is an activity kids and families will love because it combines a laid-back hike with problem-solving and navigational skills.

Test your geocaching skills in some of The Natural State's scenic and historic settings. Arkansas State Parks are treasures all their own, where visitors can discover waterfalls, caves, wildlife, diamonds and hiking trails amid diverse terrain and picturesque landscapes. Caches can also be found at some Arkansas wineries, in the middle of downtown areas or other public venues.

Over 150 special geocaches are located along Arkansas's Great River Road, including a 100-cache power trail. The caches are placed at historic locations in the 10-county region of the Arkansas Delta.

The official website for geocachers provides information on caches in Arkansas and around the world. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission lists caches on its Web site ( - leading geocache enthusiasts to its nature trails and hatcheries in every area of the state.

Literally tens of thousands caches are hidden in Arkansas. So, grab your GPS and discover some of the wonders of The Natural State. But, be warned, the challenge of Arkansas geocaching is addictive.

Any good geocaching adventure requires a bit of planning, and finding information on lodging, dining and activities shouldn’t be as difficult as tracking down a cache. That’s why we offer a free Arkansas vacation kit full of helpful info on everything there is to do in The Natural State, along with maps, an event calendar and much more. Request yours today and start planning a geocaching trip solo or with a group!