Cave Spelunking

Update: Due to state and federal agencies work to protect caves and the bats that inhabit them from white-nose syndrome, caves at Devil’s Den State Park and Withrow Springs State Park are currently closed to the public. Caves in the Ozark National Forest are also currently closed to the public with the exception of Blanchard Springs Caverns. Decontamination procedures have been set in place at Blanchard Springs Caverns as recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has also closed all caves on AGFC land and Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission natural areas/wildlife management areas to prevent the spread of white-nose syndrome. At this time, Arkansas’s show caves are still open for business.

Enjoy cave spelunking and exploring? Arkansas is well known for its many caving opportunities. One of our caves was even showcased in the IMAX film Journey into Amazing Caves.

A few have been developed as tour caves while many others still remain relatively unexplored. One way to see our caves is in their natural state at one of Arkansas's state parks, where you can often find a cave tour guide to take you on a guided exploration. You can also camp in these state parks and enjoy a whole weekend of outdoor adventures in one trip.

Our state parks allow access into small wild caves on established trails including Devil's Den State Park and Withrow Springs State Park. The Buffalo National River allows you to explore some caves with a cave tour guide, including Eden Falls Cave at Lost Valley.

Many other wild Arkansas caves exist around the state though some openings may have grated entries. These grates are designed to keep people out in order to protect the endangered species whose year-round homes are in the caves.

Cave spelunking requires special equipment and experience so the best route to learning the ropes is to join a grotto club. These clubs represent local groups of cavers who spelunk, share trip reports and also plan caving trips, which are a great introduction to the sport. There are many grottos across the state that go by the N.S.S. conservation guidelines and promote the aspect of safe caving and preservation of the outdoors. Information can be found at

Also find out about the famous Arkansas cave house, located in the Ozark Mountains, where you can host a wedding, dance or reunion inside an actual cave!

Make plans to travel to one of these caves for an underground adventure and experience everything Arkansas has to offer.