Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site

The Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site is the two-story white frame house which belonged to Clinton's grandparents. This is where Clinton lived from his birth in 1946 until age four. The house is furnished with items that date to time period when the president lived there. Clinton moved to Hot Springs when he was seven but the Hope home served as the center of his family life (he spent summers and weekends there) until his grandfather, Eldridge Cassidy, died in 1956 and the house was sold. The home was occupied until it was acquired by the Clinton Birthplace Foundation, which was created in 1993 during Clinton's presidency. Restoration of the home began in 1995 and it opened to the public two years later. Legislation signed into law by President Obama resulted in national historic site status. Located at 117 South Hervey in Hope. 870-777-4455;

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