Flea Markets

Flea Markets in Arkansas

Flea Markets can be found in just about any town, but these shops full of unique treasures are more prolific in some areas of Arkansas than others. Small towns such as Tontitown and Alpena offer differing concepts on flea market shopping. Tontitown has numerous stores stocked with booth after Southern antiques and other items. Alpena offers an open air market of tent booths full of goods. Various roads, such as Ark. 65, are dotted with Arkansas flea markets. Some events highlight the Arkansas flea market scene, like Bargains Galore on 64. There are so many flea markets in Arkansas, you can spend a lifetime exploring all the one-of-a-kind treasures and surprising bargains they have to offer.

And where does the name "flea market" come from anyway? According to Word and Phrase Origins by Robert Hendrickson, "These bargain markets have nothing to do with fleas. Flea market has been an American expression as far back as Dutch colonial days when there was a very real Vallie (Valley) Market at the valley, or foot, of Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan. The Vallie Market came to be abbreviated to Vlie Market and this was soon being pronounced Flea Market. Today there is a flea market (marche aux puces) area in Paris."

After you’ve had your fill of Arkansas flea market goodness, don’t forget to explore the state’s local antique malls, local craft fairs and free art galleries for antiques, pioneer crafts and artisan creations.