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Facts about Arkansas for Kids

Calling all students! How much do you know about Arkansas facts? Find out what you know and don't know about agriculture, manufacturing, industries, products, mining, natural resources and the history behind the largest corporations in Arkansas. Explore Arkansas info for kids using the navigation below, and then impress your parents and teachers with your newfound knowledge!

Here are some fun facts about Arkansas agriculture and manufacturing: Did you know that Arkansas ranks 14th among states in harvested acreage? Nationally, we are #1 in rice and poultry production; #5 in sorghum, grain; #6 in cotton and #8 in soybeans and grapes. However, the state produces all crops normally grown in the Temperate Zone.

Predominately an agricultural state in the past, there are now a number of big-name domestic and global corporations in Arkansas, such as Tyson Foods, Riceland Foods, Sam Walton's Wal-Mart, Maybelline, Dillard's Department Store, Acxiom and J.B. Hunt Transport Company. Other major manufacturers in the state include Whirlpool Corporation, International Paper, American Greetings and Georgia Pacific. Although not a manufacturer, Stephens Incorporated, in Little Rock, is the largest off-Wall Street investment firm in the country.

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