Miscellaneous Facts

  • In the northwest Arkansas hamlet of Eureka Springs, none of the streets cross at right angles and there are no stoplights in town. These two facts landed the community in Ripley's Believe It or Not.
  • In Eureka Springs, every floor of the seven-story Basin Park Hotel is ground level. At the nearby St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, you enter through the bell tower. These two facts also were included in Ripley's Believe It or Not.
  • Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary near Greenbrier is the only internationally recognized sanctuary which accepts any elephant regardless of species, gender, or disposition.
  • Mount Ida is called the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World. Located in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, the community has several quartz crystal mines where people can dig for crystals for a fee.
  • The city of North Little Rock was originally named Argenta for the silver mines located just north of town. The downtown historic arts and entertainment district is called Argenta.
  • Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs ranks as the fourth most significant American architectural structure behind the Sears Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building.
  • The Old Mill, located in North Little Rock's Lakewood neighborhood, appears in the opening sequences of the 1939 classic movie "Gone With the Wind." It is believed to be the only structure still in existence from the movie.
  • Brown-and-Serve Rolls were introduced to the world by Meyer's Bakery of Little Rock in the 1930s.
  • Arkansas has more than a dozen communities named Oak Grove, but only one (in Carroll County) has a post office.
  • English Tudor architecture is featured exclusively throughout the business district of the small town of Wilson.
  • According to legend, Cherokee Indians, while visiting Capt. William Thompson's Mill in the 1820s, called the site "place of evening shade." When the post office was established in 1847, Capt. Thompson made the name official and the town became Evening Shade.
  • The town of Egypt, in Craighead County, is located in Promised Land Township -- near Canaan Creek.
  • One of the first "sit down" strikes in American history occurred at Coal Hill in 1886 when convict laborers refused to work in the coal mines.
  • The Arkansas-Texas border runs through the center of the U.S. Post Office Building at Texarkana.
  • The only building left standing in Berryville at the close of the Civil War was Hubbert's Hotel.
  • It is possible to drive north from Monette in Northeast Arkansas, into Missouri, then back into Arkansas, still going northbound.
  • Topps chewing gum company named its brand of bubble gum "Bazooka" after the beloved 1930s comedian Bob Burns and the musical instrument he created and called the bazooka. Burns was from Van Buren, Arkansas. An exhibit honoring Burns is displayed in the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce office.