Haunted Arkansas

Legends, Monsters and Ghosts of Arkansas

If you have no fear, discover where the monsters and ghosts of Arkansas roam! You'll find haunted places in Arkansas, featuring Arkansas ghost towns, spooky legends, ghost tours, legendary monsters and mysterious lights.

Legends & Stories

Ghost tours, apparition sightings, unexplainably rearranged furniture, vanishing hitchhikers and an entire ghost town located inside a living community are a few of the creepy attractions you can find while discovering Arkansas. Learn more here.

Mysterious Lights

Follow the ghostly lanterns of long-dead railroad employees beheaded while working the rails in Gurdon and Crossett. Where do they lead? Why, to search for their severed heads, of course! Learn more here.

Legendary Monsters

Arkansas folklore has its share of legendary monsters, including a serpent-like beast in the White River, a Bigfoot-puma hybrid roaming around Greers Ferry Lake, and the infamous Boggy Creek monster habiting the swamps of Miller County. Learn more here.

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